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  • Sturdy 15" Free Float Keymod Handguard with Full Top Rail, AR-15 .223/5.56

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    Sturdy 15 inch Free Float Keymod Handguard with Full Top Rail, AR-15 .223/5.56.  SKU:  FF7A

    AR 15, 15" length free float rail mount with full Picatinny Top rail and Keymod slot system.  Comes complete with 1 Steel Barrel Nut.  CNC machined from Quality aluminum and black anodized. Weighs 18.4oz with barrel nut.
    A true free float rail, which connects only at the Steel barrel nut. Since the rail doesn't touch the barrel, shooting accuracy is improved in comparison with two piece rails, when used with grips / bipods that can flex the Steel barrel.  Includes steel barrel nut, screws and (2) shim rings for barrel nut timing

    Specs:  15" Long, 1.6" wide, 2.0" tall.

    Weighs 18.4oz.

    These will fit AR-15 uppers.  Therefore they will also fit AR Pistol builds that have AR-15 upper barrel nut threading such as the 300 Blackout and the AR-9.

    Note: Requires Low Profile Gas Block and removal of A2 front sight post (if fitted)
    Barrel Nut requires a Regular Crows Foot type of Wrench or Wrench Head, 30mm, not included.  Or one of our Armorers tools for AR-15.