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  • Replaces Stock 6.75" to 7" Carbine Length with 3 Piece 10" Drop In Handguard Quad Rail for .223 and 5.56

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    Replace Your Standard 6.75 in to 7 inch Carbine Length with 3 Piece 10 inch Drop In Aluminum Handguard Quad Rail Mount for .223 / 5.56.   SKU:  MQREL

    Increase your stock Carbine Length handguard to 10" without removing your front sight post or other modifications. Super easy to install!  Just remove your existing carbine length handguard and replace or "drop-in" this one.  No extra tools necessary.

    Fits Most Makes and Models of AR 15 .223/5.56 with Front Sight Post.
    Extending to 10" and four rails of Picatinny accessory slots mean you can add a variety of tactical accessories such as foregrip, bipod, tactical flashlight and laser.

    Dimensions:  2.2" x 2.5" x 10"
    Material:   A6061-T6 Aluminum (anodized, matte black)
    Weight: 17.5 oz
    Use with to make easier install:  ARTL06  Handguard Removal Tool (Delta Ring Lever)

    - Replaces 6.75 - 7" handguard - e.g. stock round, plastic handguard (carbine)
    - Requires round shaped handguard end cap (not included). 
    - For .223/5.56 AR-15 that do not have an external gas piston