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  • Fits 6.75" to 7". 2 Piece Drop In Handguard Quad Rail 6.7" Carbine Length with Extended Top Rail for .223 and 5.56

    2 Piece Drop In Aluminum Handguard Quad Rail Mount 6.75 inch to 7 inch Carbine Length with Extended Top Rail for .223 / 5.56.  SKU:  MQRSLX

    Our newest carbine length drop-in features an extended top rail to bridge the gap over the delta ring/Steel barrel nut. Creates a continuous rail from your upper all the way to the front sight post. Extra real estate for your accessories and more possibilities to place them exactly where you want.

    Easy to install - just remove your existing carbine length handguard and replace / 'drop-in' this one. No need to remove the front sight post or make any modifications.

    Four rails of Picatinny accessory slots mean you can add a variety of accessories such as foregrip, bipod, tactical flashlight and laser.
    • Drop-in replacement for any carbine length AR .223 / 5.56 with a DGI - replaces 6.75" - 7" easily.
    • Main body 6.69" / Extended Top: 7.28" (17cm / 18.5cm), 11.8 ounces